Bride Cake


Jui Mei Bride Cake, exquisitely made from first-class ingredients by means of ancient early handmade techniques, is processed based on the conviction of reserving the healthy and natural elements of original taste without adding any preservatives or animal oil and meat in order that all customers, including l lacto and acto-ovo vegetarians can enjoy the delicate desserts at ease. There are six flavors in total:
3 Types of Bride Cake Gift Box:
Traditional Chinese Wedding Cake (450 grams), Dragon and Phoenix Gift Box (6 cakes), Wealth and Fortune Gift Box(6 bride cakes, 8 packs of flaked almond, and 5 pineapple cakes, you may choose the flavors in accordance with your preference.


The Main Ingredients and Shelf Life of 6 Flavors of Bride Cake:
Pine Nut Flavor-butter, flour, sugar, red bean paste, pine nuts, mochi (rice cake) (storage period: 7 days at room temperature)
Lotus Seed Paste Flavor-butter, flour, sugar, egg, lotus seed paste (storage period: 7 days at room temperature)
Date Paste Flavor-butter, flour, sugar, egg, date paste (storage period: 7 days at room temperature)
Pineapple Flavor-butter, flour, sugar, egg, pineapple jam (storage period: 7 days at room temperature)
Vegetarian Meat Flavor- butter, flour, sugar, vegetarian braised meat filling (storage period: 7 days at room temperature)
Mung Bean and Vegetarian Meat Pastry Flavor-butter, flour, sugar, mushroom and vegetarian mean, seasonings (storage period: 5 days at room temperature)

◎Eggs are excluded for vegetarian vegan, please kindly inform us in advance. Please visit our stores or contact us for more information.
◎Please place the order for your bride cake and pay the deposit 7 days before the estimated delivery date. Please note that the stores do not accept any orders which are made 3 days to the estimated delivery date.

All products produced by Jui Mei Pastry are meticulously developed and made by master workers without adding any meat and animal fat in order that all vegetarians can enjoy the exquisite desserts at ease. Pineapple cake and flaked almond are both vegetarian lacto-ovo; pine nut cake, sun cake, and mung bean and vegetarian meat pastry are vegetarian lacto. All snacks are made of top-notch ingredients based on the insistence on healthy, natural process. The products are enjoyable and savory with agreeable sweetness and excellent texture. Suitable for both young and old, Jui Mei Pastry is absolutely the optimal choice for giving as a present or private use.